Knowing the Power of Jesus

I am studying the book of Mark with the Good Morning Girls and Women Living Well. The question to contemplate for Mark 4 is:

“Jesus has all authority over nature. Even the winds and waves obey him. How does knowing the power of Jesus, give you peace in the midst of your lifestorms?”

As a new Christian, I still forget the power of Jesus. When I’m struggling through life’s storms I still forget that Jesus is my rock. I need to work more on leaning on him, allowing his strength be my strength.

Do you know that Jesus is powerful? He’s POWERFUL. Even the winds and waves obey him after all. The story in Mark 4 is about Jesus sleeping in the boat and the apostles being afraid of the storm. They wake Jesus and ask, aren’t you afraid? He asks back, where is your faith?

Have faith in Jesus and be in awe of his power.

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